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Hilda watched her violet partner, clearly impressed by the display of strength and the unusual technique her small frame was capable of. She huffed delivering a successful blow with her elbow to the side of her opponent’s head. It was effective but the impact left her own arm aching afterwards. 

"Not at all! If it means getting out alive!" She growled hearing Tudor quickly turning to face him as she bent her knees bracing herself for his advance. She held her sword and axe crossed in front of her in defense before she quietly muttered the incantations for a small defensive spell. 

In front of her, a small blue magical circle had started to glow faintly as a shield. It was one of the most basic defensive spells there was, but it was one that the knights had insisted she’d learn. However, the Queen had a difficult time even learning that spell. She had used it in sparring matches again punches and stones being thrown, but never used it against a charging gundam, even still she hoped it would atleast cushion some of the force preventing her from taking the brunt of it.

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"Good answer!"

Then Chaos did something… strange.

She held her arm out, balled her hand into a fist, and then angled it down towards the ground. Before Hilda could question her about her motives something shot out of her wrist… and it exploded into the earth. It seemed like an odd move… until the ground caved in and the pair dropped.

Tudor stopped in his tracks, nearly falling into the cave-in with the Queen and vampiress. “G-Goddess! What in the name of MANA—?!”

Hilda’s shield protected the pair, thankfully. Rocks bounced and rolled off the mana-shield, keeping them from getting crushed. They had fallen into, what seemed like, a tunnel.

Part of a cave system.

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The Queen dug her heels into the mud bracing herself against one of the attackers whom she was engaged in a brief shoving match with using her axe as a blockade against the former’s sharped talons. 

She listened to the small gundamness and couldn’t help but laugh at the comparison.

"Aw, what a shame! Children usually love me!” She grinned seeing the vampire in front of her growing angrier as well at the banter between the two before it ducked taking a swipe at Hilda’s leg. She gasped stepping to the side and hit the vampire in the back of the head with the handle of her axe, but not before receiving a good gash across her thigh. 

The vampires, spurred on by Tudor were beginning to work into a frenzy. Hilda frowned finally drawing her sword using her both her weapons to fight off more opponents. Even against a regular mech, humans were at a disadvantage as far as strength and stamina went. 

"If we can get back to the main road, there is an outpost just before we get the gates of Lacroa castle…There’s soldiers and a few minor knights there to give us a safe haven! The hardest part is just breaking out of this!" She said between the loud metallic blows her sword made against the vampires. 

A large vampire mech charged the small femme, and she acted accordingly. She braced her arms up, pressed it against his chest and he threatened to tackle her, and she ducked down and rolled back, forcing him to roll off of her. She got up with a winded grunt. By the sounds of it she was getting tired.

"B-breaking out of this is g-gonna be h-hard…" The femme huffed. Her pede shifted in the earth… and then paused. “… Your Highness? You don’t mind g-getting dirty, do you?”

Tudor let out a teasing laugh, charging into the fray himself. His fangs were extended and he was bolting straight for Hilda— murder laced in his optics. “Dirt is the last of your worries, you scum!”

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Hilda gave her a small smile in return feeling more at ease with the gesture from the Gundamness. She watch the Knight, Tudor closely as she listened to the names in the conversation. 

"Lady Nocturne…Seems like there is a type of hierarchy in their society." She snapped out of thought hearing him, it seems being a royal was an automatic death sentence as well. She blinked seeing his signal with his hand instantly bringing her own hand to the handle of a short small axe strapped at her waist.

She’d have to draw her sword at some point, but was more proficient with the hatchet especially in a situation like this. 

She managed to hook the claws of one vampire entrapping it briefly before kicking the creature away from herself. 

She listened to the Gundamness and gave a good natured chuckle.

"Fighting isn’t an issue madam, but I’ll admit fighting vampires, isn’t exactly my forte!" 

The vampiress chuckled back, ducking down just as a large mech was about to snatch her— and kicked out and snatch his ankles, making him trip. She kicked him away and he rolled into a few oncoming vampires. “You’ll get the hang of it! It’s easier than it looks— they’re just as sloppy kids, and they’ve got the temper to boot!”

This made Tudor angry. His face turned red and he screamed at his followers. “YOU FOOLS! CAN’T YOU DEAL WITH A WOMEN AND A FEMME!”

This seemed to spark something in his hoard of vampires. They all snarled and worked harder to get at the femme and Hilda, hate burning in their optics.

The vampire femme’s smile dropped. “As f-fun as this is—” she punched an offending mech in the face, “we need to retreat before this gets too hairy. A-any ideas?”

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Hilda frowned watching the Knight laughing as she brushed her hair from face still tasting dirt in her mouth. She held back a rude comeback, hearing the Gundamness speak.

She took a sharp breath being taken aback by the same crimson shade of eyes just like the rest of the vampires. For some reason a vampire had saved her from her own kind. For the time being it seemed this was her only ally. She nodded slightly rolling her neck producing a few pops.

"Yes, I’m fine, just a bruised ego."

The Gundamess snapped her face mask back to offer Hilda nice smile— which dissapeared as soon as she snapped her gaze back to the offending Knight Gundam. The femme snarled at him. "Tudor. You’ve been told by Lady Nocturnal and her council multiple times to leave people alone. Now bug off before I have to report you to her…?

The Knight Gundam— his name was Tudor, apparently— growled back at her. “But the woman’s a ROYAL for the gods’ sakes! If you’re willing to defend a Royal, Newborn, then you’re not worth keeping around anymore…”

He made a gesture with his hand, and the femme and Hilda were suddenly descended on by the vampire hoard. The Gundamess was the first to make contact— her fist smashed into a vampire mech’s face when he lunged for her. “I hope you know how to fight, your Highness!”

(Source: chaostheaxian)



~* Protect Me *~


Gunhilda felt her cheeks flush with anger listening to their taunts and bit her lip stifling a snarl.

"Dogs. You’ll show some respect to your Quee—”

Hearing, seeing and even feeling the sheer bulk of the figure…

Gunhilda winced, the move had been horribly ineffective and the situation was only getting worse. She heard him talking to her, but the blow had ended up leaving her badly stunned as she shook her head to try to get her bearings straight. 

The sound of his own hiss and feeling him curl closer to her neck made her freeze.

"So this is it?" She whimpered instantly thinking of Rele and the courtiers before something hit her. She coughed quickly brushing the mud from her face turning onto her back, feeling much more lighter now that she was being restricted by the Gundam. She tilted her head staring up at the Gundamness in a mix of confusion and abit of fear, her armor was like nothing like she had seen in Lacroa or any of the surrounding Kingdoms. 

"A knight?" She shook her head and scrambled to her feet quickly.

The leader of the vampire group blinked— and then laughed. He laughed so hard that there were tears in his optics. “Oh no! This is no knight! This is merely a runt…”

"But I’m not the one picking on innocent, human women!” The femme turned her helm and flashed her optics. They were light red and pink— she was a vampiric Gundam, too. “Are you alright?”


~* Protect Me *~


Gunhilda felt her cheeks flush with anger listening to their taunts and bit her lip stifling a snarl.

"Dogs. You’ll show some respect to your Quee—”

Hearing, seeing and even feeling the sheer bulk of the figure that dropped before her silenced her voice. She…

The queen gasped sharply as he pulled her up barely feeling the the toes of her boots touch the ground. She winced still feeling sore from her fall and the roughness of how he was handling her. 

"Right..So they didn’t buy that." Her eyes darted around both sides of them counting the other figures. She felt herself breathing harder with nervousness finally sensing just how bad the situation really was. She turned her attention back to the large Gundam still holding her.  Her mind raced thinking of any possible ways to escape, she was much to close to fight him and even so, the odds were against her. However, if this was going to be the way she died again, she would not go without a fight or atlas taking a few of these vampires with her. 

She frowned at him and growled lowly rearing her head back before ramming it head on into his helm. The blunt for of her forehead against metal causing her skin to split open bleeding abit, but nothing serious.

She took the brunt of her own blow, and the Gundam didn’t even flinch. He just glaredat her harder, the irises in his optical display turning into vicious, nasty slits. He was furious. “That’s the game you want to play, m’lady?” He gaped his snarling mouth and his fangs slide down neatly from his upper jaw. "Then play we shall."

He hissed and lurched his head forward to bite down on her neck…

Until he was tackled to the ground. Hilda was sent sprawling into the mud along with her assailant. The mech was thrown a distance further, but he could be heard screaming. The sounds of gasping from his followers could be heard in the backdrop. “ARGH! WHO DARES ATTACK ME!”

"I DO!" There, standing over Hilda was a purple and black Gundamess. She was much smaller than all of the mechs there (and especially compared to the Knight Gundam that attacked her), but she had a strong stance.

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